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ConACT set * Kriya & Meditation Download

For NOW please click on our sources and download your favourite Kriya and Meditation: Library of Teachings and Spiritvoyage. We are working on the availability of all Kriyas and Meditations from the ConACT to download here. We are happy to answer any question or listen to your feedback * send us an EMail.

Thank your for understanding and stay ConACTed!

Intuitive Art

Is a label created by MoonRoseYoga (Chandra Kiran) and AncientYoga (Kun Devaki), exploring conscious art as a way to express the beauty Yogi life.

We love to share products to support your Yogi life. Sharing is a beautiful way to thank Mother Earth for its beauty.




ConACT Set

helps you keep up with your daily spiritual practice (Sadhana). The ConACT Sadhana unites your mind, your soul, and your heart in every moment and guides you towards the light within you and on your path.


Every single card you pull will display an aspect of your life, which you might not be aware right now, because your mind is being constantly distracted in daily routines and stress. Pull one of these cards with the intention of understanding & be willing to walk your life steps. Challenges & crisis in life that are reminders to ACT Consciously with clear open eyes and mind, at every single moment in your life.These cards will support you to listen to the sound of your intuition and let your soul guide you without fear while connecting your heart with your Sat Nam (true self).


This Card Set contains 108 Sadhna cards. 54 for Kriya & Asana and 54 for Meditation & Mantra. Each group is divided in the Chakra system of the lower & upper triangle ConACTed by the heart.


Special Offer for Yoga Centers and Yoga Teachers as well as package price with 3 sets. Please visit our art shop.



Join the conscious community of yogis, artist and be part of a sustainable group of people, sellers around Europe, Bali and Colombian art craft markets.

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be elevated & keep on your practice!

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