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Hero Pose 
be the hero of your life!
not only at sadhana, your Meditation or yoga mat
be the hero*heroine of your truth of Sat Nam 
stand for your valuesand speak it out loud!
we are powerful warrior with no need of weapon!
our power is our consiousness our freedom * our love and connection to our soul and truth!
Wahe Guru Wahe Guru Wahe Guru Wahe Jio
Wow, creation is great & ecstatic, ultimate wisdom of the soul

This is a mantra of ecstasy with which we establish ourselves for victory and the right to excel. 
Chant sitting in Vir Asan (warrior pose), sitting on the left heel, with the right knee up, right foot flat on the ground, with hands in Prayer Pose. Eyes are focused at the tip of the nose.

ncluded in the complete Set "WAHE GURU" in IntuitiveArt onlineshop

Camel Pose

opens your heart💚Anahata chakra
the love, the healing energy lives here
and the most it likes to shine, to share, to connect
with all your emotions, with your soul, with other souls
be and stay compassionate with yourself and the world.


included in the complete Set "WAHE GURU" in IntuitiveArt onlineshop



possible meaning and translation:

Creator and creation are one. That is our true identity. The ecstasy of this wisdom is great beyond words.🌀

This is the Laya Yoga form of the Adi Shakti Mantra. The 3 1/2 times (breath) rhythm of the chant gives it a right-turning "circling energy". It circulates the energy of all chakras (energy centers in the body) and the aura.

It will make you creative, focus on your real priorities, and help you sacrifice what is necessary to achieve them.

Believe in yourself!

🧚‍♀️💙🧚‍♂️ SAT NAM


included in the complete Set "WAHE GURU" in IntuitiveArt onlineshop

Kriya The Magnificent Nine
Library of Teachings – The Magnificent N
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Meditation for Healing Addiction
Library of Teachings – Meditation for He
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Stay with you!
Kriya and Meditation for the upper Chakra Triangle
Throat * clear & true Communication
3rd Eye * Intuition and inner Wisdom
Crown * Trust the light and ease of your higher self and infinity


Kriya * The Magnificent Nine 
Meditation * for Healing Addiction 

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