Instructions to the ConACT set

For NOW please click on our sources and download your favourite Kriya and Meditation: Library of Teachings and Spiritvoyage. We are working on the availability of all Kriyas and Meditations from the ConACT to download here. We are happy to answer any question or listen to your feedback * send us an EMail.

Thank your for understanding and stay ConACTed!

ConACT Oracle


Stay with you!
Kriya and Meditation for the upper Chakra Triangle
Throat * clear & true Communication
3rd Eye * Intuition and inner Wisdom
Crown * Trust the light and ease of your higher self and infinity


Kriya * The Magnificent Nine 
Meditation * for Healing Addiction 

Instruction Download pleas click below! (source:  Library of teaching)



Kriya The Magnificent Nine
Library of Teachings – The Magnificent N
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Meditation for Healing Addiction
Library of Teachings – Meditation for He
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