Intuitive Art from the heart

Adriana Barrera, a young designer from Columbia, tells us what her inspirations are to design beautiful clothes and handpaint them.

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Making of "Yogaskin" YinYangBadass
Julia Turcato, a talented artist put her Murial art on paper, then on plastic free Modal and yeah the Leggings are here for you

Traditional Batik process by Wayan, an batik artist from Bali: 1st step: drawing the flower of life on the cloth

2nd step: putting wax on the cloth (left pic) that the colour isn't flowing in each other

3rd step: fixing the piece of cloth on a frame and colouring it and then waiting to dry

4th step: releasing the wax in boiling water after wait to dry and sew the shape of the cloth


Visit one of his Batik workshops in Ubud / Penestanan and create your own piece of Batik🌸

Wayannabatik facebook page 


Made Amerta is a Qi-Gong and Yogateacher in Amed/Bali  and with his friends he creates beautiful Shiva eye and Gemstone jewellery.